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Scott Parson, writer
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Credits & Links

  • Brass Balls of Ignorance is up in the August 2020 issue of Spank the Carp, an online literary review.
  • Noble Dan is up in the March 2020 issue of  Blue Lake Review, an online literary review.
  • Unoccupied Boxers on Cabrini Boulevard is up at Typishly, a curated online literary periodical aiming "for creativity, quality, and diversity." It's a pleasure to be part of it.
  • Something True You Never Told Me is in Issue 124 of Red Fez, a monthly on-line publication curated by an international team of editors who believe "great writing is a relationship between a writer and a reader through text, not a product of school or a formula."  I'm grateful to be included.
  • He Belongs to the Carrion Bird Now, is available in The Oddville Press, Spring 2019, a quarterly publication created by a team obsessed with showcasing imaginative, compelling and evocative work by the most talented and hungry in the creative community.  I like to think I fit right in.
  • Catch, a flash fiction piece available September 2016 in Dual Coast Magazine, Issue #4, an online and print-based literary magazine that serves as a showcase for excellent fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and art.
  • Unused Room, a short story available in the April 2016 issue of Spank the Carp - Pond 18, an online literary journal that offers unique, thought-provoking fiction and poetry.
  • Gingerbread Men, a short story available in the Winter Shapes – 2014 issue of Digital Americana, an independent and interactive journal of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art, & criticism, available through iTunes as an app designed for both iPhone and iPad.
  • BalloonJack! - an audio play for The Electromagnetic Theater, Citizen Racecar Productions
  • Theory of Impact in Doomology:The Dawning of Disasters, an anthology of short stories compiled and edited by Bill Tucker and Wayne Goodchild, for The Library of Science Fiction and Fantasy.
  • Asleep on the Job in Mummy Stories, an anthology of short stories edited by Martin Greenberg, published by Ballantine Books, and listed by the Monster Librarian among its Mummy Horror titles.
  • Roombuddies – a runner up, Mildred & Albert Panowski Playwriting Award, Northern Michigan University.
  • Double-Dog Dare – a children’s play, commissioned by the Asolo State Theatre, Florida.

Completed Screenplays

Asylum of Memory

A geezer of a small-time hood struggles to pry the secret of a stolen mob fortune from the damaged memory of his accomplice — his invalid brother.


An aging southern belle unravels the alleged battlefield exploits of her family’s celebrated brother to save her siblings from their forty-year cover-up of his misadventure.

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