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Please consider taking a moment to nominate Scott's new novel, Bozophobia, for the Kindle Scout Program.

From now until March 25th, Scott's new crime comedy romance, Bozophobia, is a candidate for Amazon's Kindle Scout Program. Based on feedback from readers like you along with Kindle's own analysis for selection, Bozophobia will be evaluated for publication.

If Amazon decides to publish it, they'll send you the free ebook. Click this link to visit Bozophobia's campaign page. Sign in to your Amazon account, read the details, and then click the blue "  Nominate Me  " button.

You can also click here to find out more about Bozophobia as part of the Kindle Scout Program. Check out the "Works in Progress" page for an additional excerpt from the story.

Scott has written for multiple platforms.

Issue #4 of Dual Coast Magazine, an online and print-based literary magazine serving as a showcase for excellent fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and more, published Scott's flash fiction piece, Catch in September 2016.

April 2016 issue of Spank the Carp - Pond 18 an online literary journal offering unique, thought-provoking fiction and poetry is the perfect place for Scott's story, Unused Room.

The Winter Shapes – 2014 issue of Digital Americana is now available. This inspired edition features cutting edge original fiction, including Scott’s story, Gingerbread Men.

BalloonJack!, an audio play, is a high-altitude thriller of epically short proportions, produced by the amazing and talented people at Citizen Racecar, David Hoffman, executive producer. It can be heard on The Electromagnetic Theater website or through iTunes.

The short story, Theory of Impact, appears in Doomology: The Dawning of Disasters, exploring a little slice of the post-apocalyptic world minus the zombies.



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