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Scott Parson, writer

About Scott

Scott has written for financial, educational and not-for-profit institutions, creating process documentation/analysis, project proposals, needs assessments, marketing and web content. He has ghosted personal correspondence and business writing for senior personnel and written screen treatments on assignment.

He has spent his professional life in New York City, first working as an actor under the auspices of SAG, AFTRA, and Equity, then as a technical and business communications writer, with side journeys into corporate comedy.  Currently, he makes his living in the offices of the big city, where his juggling and fire-eating skills are not as useful as he'd been told.

Scott's first novel, Bozophobia, a comic crime romance about a love-luckless bozo hiding behind sarcasm and clown-white who falls for a mystery woman on the run from a killer of a secret, is available on Amazon.

His completed novel, Immortalman, is an off-beat comic romance of a fantastical nature. A story at the intersection of the historical and the supernatural. It's in preparation for posting on Amazon's new publishing platform, Kindle Vella.