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Scott Parson, dabbler in typestries and fabulations
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In the Works

Triple Whammy Cover

Harriet is a construction project manager who had once been an intel analyst for a super-secret government agency organized for first-contact with extra-terrestrial life forms that might visit Earth. Unfortunately, it was her work on one extraordinary episode of contact that ended up discrediting the entire team and getting the agency disbanded. Now she is hunted by an intergalactic gangster for something she doesn’t even realize she has.  Her only hope is the scattered team, led by Amos, the ex-Army Ranger she helped disgrace in the debacle, and two extraterrestrial con-men, to help her restart the hunt, locate the gangster, and recover the alien technology that can reduce multiple lifeforms to “sub-routines” of a single host body. Governments want it as the ultimate weapon of war, gangsters want it for the ultimate tool for escaping justice, and a visionary time-share entrepreneur wants it for the ultimate way to maximize summer rental occupancy. There’s money to be made, wrongs to be righted, and a world to be saved.

Click the cover to read a sample of this comic speculative fiction with apocalyptic overtones.

Little Sisters of Chaos Cover

What starts as a simple repo operation by a trio of scheming zealots turns into a mess for one aimless derelict, evading the war between Good and Evil.  Just leave this character in peace, to drink and wait out the ages until Doomsday - which could be sooner than imaged if these three zealots have their way.  All they need to do is extract an artifact of incredible power from the possession of a mudfoot short-timer who managed to lose it while on a week-long drunk.

The war for heaven isn't over. It's just getting started.

Click the cover to read a sample of this comic fantasy filled with angelic mischief and renegades from the Hereafter.