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Scott Parson, writer
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Glad you stopped by . . .

I'm posting Mark Strong's reading of  the Edward Thomas poem "And You, Helen" as a birthday treat for Lisa (and because I couldn't write anything to compare with it). Click the link to hear it for yourself.

Shallow Thoughts and Glib Reactions

Regarding content written by AI, "Why should I bother reading something that nobody could be bothered to write?"  - Pavel Samonsov on LinkedIn.

On the Reading List

for entertainment and enlightenment:

Katalin Street by Szabó

The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant by Wallop (the novel on which the musical Damn Yankees is based)

for research:

The WPA Guide to Arizona - 1930 by Works Project Administration (I'm nearly finished)

Bozophobia covers

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End of Road Warning Sign

Click on Going Off-Road link here to read about those times when the pavement gives out and the story is the journey.

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