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Scott Parson, writer
showgirl & clown

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Wind Chime -- trying to describe the sound you left behind, and the memories it stirs, now up on Meter Readings. Click the link here or down below.

Shallow Thoughts and Glib Reactions

Fiction is a safety valve for the fiery, hypothetical conversations playing in your head, delivered in a far more winsome and entertaining way than your target deserves.

Jouska: A hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head.
from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows by John Koenig

On the Reading List

For entertainment and enlightenment:

In the Hollow of the Hills by Harte

Cosmicomics by Calvino

Reading for research:

By George: A Kaufman Collection by George S. Kaufman

An angel of questionable motives helps a clueless scalawag chase his true love across two centuries . . . expect a lot of breakage on the happy-ending highway. 

Immortalman - now in e-book and paperback format - is available on Amazon and, where a portion of your purchase price supports local bookstores.

Comic. Epic. Fantastical. Biodegradable and gluten-free.

Immortalman Cover - 3D Mock Up

Click the image to find it on AmazonImmortalman 3D cover mockup

Bozophobia can still be found on Amazon, and on

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Electric meterElectric Meter

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End of Road Warning Sign

Click on Going Off-Road link here to read about those times when the pavement gives out and the story is the journey.

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