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Scott Parson, dabbler in typestries and fabulations

Discovering Yourself in the Archives

Went looking for all the links I could find to a story I’d done quite a while back for a collection gathered and edited by Martin H. Greenberg and supervised by Joe Blades. I found the story summarized on the website Vault of Horror: Brit Horror Pulp Plus for fans of horror fiction and film.

It was the first real validation I've encountered that suggested something I wrote might outlast me. It makes for a funny sensation when I put fingers to keys as I write the next piece. What will this new work say about me? What do I want it to say about me? Do I have anything worth saying?

That sensation also has a way of binding with the myriad rejections every writer receives, and makes me wonder if I really have anything at all to say. I’ve re-read the story. I find it entertaining. I think there is a message still there, buried so as not to be off-putting to the reader. One that I hope it will sit in the brain pan and marinate with all the other ingredients a reader adds with all the other influences at work on the reader.

Mummy Stories cover

The cover art hangs on my wall. The only thing missing from the cover is the visible thumbprints of every reader who's touched the book, and whom the story has touched. That would make for a soul-lifting bit of memorabilia.

Text (c) Scott Parson

Image: Cover of Mummy Stories